Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Aviation Orange, "The Aviation Orange"

The Aviation Orange
The Aviation Orange

Brooklyn's The Aviation Orange refers to themselves as “New York's hottest new band”. They may be jumping the gun a little, but they're on their way to becoming just that.

Bill James, "The Love Doctor"

Bill James
The Love Doctor

Bill James is at least 56 by now, considering that he sings “somebody told me you can't rock and roll at 52“ on “You Never Get Too Old To Rock And Roll” andThe Love Doctor came out in 2005. While his age makes him an experienced guitarist and lyricist, his music isn't too aged for today's generation.

David Pinsky and his Rhythm Kings, "Live at the Bella"

David Pinsky and his Rhythm Kings
Live at the Bella

David Pinsky has spent over 30 years playing the blues, and on his latest release, Live at the Bella, he shows off what he's learned: how to have fun while talking about misery.

Zac Mac Band, "Don't Look Down"

Zac Mac Band
Don't Look Down

I don't really know what to make of the Zac Mac Band. I tried to like it, and I tried to get past the overwhelmingly cheesy lyrics, but I just can't manage it.