Thursday, June 24, 2010

Downchild, "I Need A Hat"

I Need A Hat

Downchild's current lineup has been together for over 15 years, and I Need A Hat shows their experience and talent. Don Walsh leads the group, followed by Chuck Jackson, Pat Carey, Michael Fonfara, Gary Kendall, and Mike Fitzpatrick, with others scattered in on random instruments.

Bill Price, "With The Eye Of A Skeptic And A Few Other Likely Stories"

Bill Price
With the Eye of a Skeptic and a Few Other Likely Stories

You might be skeptical about Bill Price before you hear his music, but With the Eye of a Skeptic and a Few Other Likely Stories will leave you sure about his talent, not only with music but with songwriting, timing, and vocals.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Goodbye Radio, "The Year We Didn't Have"

The Goodbye Radio
The Year We Didn't Have

Every now and then, in a pile of indie albums full of irony and sarcasm, you find one band that screams sincerity. That's exactly what The Goodbye Radio's newest release, The Year We Didn't Have, does, and the summery, almost dreamy songs do the opposite of what most indie music does these days – they leave you smiling.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sandro Dominelli, "The Alvo Sessions"

Sandro Dominelli
The Alvo Sessions

I watched a PBS special once about child musicians and one of the kids involved was a ten year old from the Bronx who played drums. He was talking to the camera about why he loved the drums so much, and he mentioned the noise of the city and how easily it turned into a beat. I remember thinking that though this thought is a teeny bit cliché, it was refreshing to hear someone that young talk about it.