Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shota Osabe and Margie Barker, "A Bit of Jazz and More...:

Shota Osabe and Margie Barker
A Bit Of Jazz And More...

An unlikely jazz duo, Margie Barker and Shota Osabe, have been making music together live for years, and they bring their chemistry and fluidity to life on their first studio release together, A Bit of Jazz And More...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Christopher Boscole, "Inner Voyages"

Christopher Boscole
Inner Voyages

I recently finished reading all of the Harry Potter books in order, and afterward, I picked up the next book in my pile of things to read, which happened to be a silly chick book my mom sent me. And while there's nothing wrong with it, and it's not poorly written, I'm having a hard time making myself stick with it because I'm so used to the excitement of the well-written books I've been reading.

That's how I feel about Christopher Boscole's Inner Voyages. There's not really anything particularly wrong with the album of piano solos, but there's not really anything right with it, either. It's just kind of there – an ode to mediocrity, and after years of searching for good music, it was hard to make myself listen to the entire album.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kle, K-L-E


About half-way through the first song on K-L-E, I had to stop and think about what makes a good R&B album. Because while some of the lyrics on K-L-E are absolutely ridiculous, no one ever said they were supposed to be anything else. R&B is entertainment in its most instantly gratifying way – there's nothing serious about it, and a good beat can make a good song great.