Monday, December 27, 2010

Black River, "Black 'n Roll"

Black River
Black 'n Roll

Polish supergroup Black River might call themselves death metal, but there's a definite punk edge to their music that makes them catchy enough to head-bang along with them, and which ultimately makes their album, Black n' Roll, a great listen.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

IAM Artists, "Its About Christmas, Volume II"

IAM Artists
It's About Christmas, Volume II

Everyone has their favorite Christmas album and song, which makes putting out a new album of holiday music difficult – you certainly won't please everyone.It's About Christmas, Volume II will come close, however.

Shawna Virago, "Objectified"

Shawna Virago

I guess the reason Shawna Virago wants to be Objectified so badly is because she was born a man and had transgender surgery in the 1990's. She now sees herself as an activist of some sort, and I suppose her album is supposed to be really striking or shocking.

Radio Drive, "Life Today"

Radio Drive
Life Today

There's no denying that an album is successful when almost every song makes you literally dance ridiculously around your house. Life Today, the newest release by Radio Drive, made me do just that, while clearly reaching me with its message to enjoy life.