Sunday, January 17, 2010

Laurie Morvan Band, "Fire It Up!"

Laurie Morvan Band
Fire It Up!

Laurie Morvan has been through a lot of heartache in her life – I guess that's why she loves the blues so much. Her biography reads like a tragedy, but her accomplishments (from a college volleyball scholarship to earning her degree in electrical engineering to becoming a teacher), prove what her songs do: you can't keep this woman down.

Nathaniel Sutton, "Starlite"

Nathaniel Sutton

Nathaniel Sutton takes DIY to a new level on his latest release, Starlite. He plays all of the instruments (guitar, piano, drums, harmonica, and synth), as well as writing the lyrics, and mixing and producing the album. And it sounds good, for something recorded at home, except for the biggest problem: the vocals.

Dark Hallow Band, "Real Monsters Look Like Men"

Dark Hollow Band
Real Monsters Look Like Men

I'm not sure if it's pure coincidence that the Dark Hollow Band claims their name originated from the street they lived on and that it's also the name of a Grateful Dead song. In “Silent Prayer”, the chorus talks about listening to the Dead. Coincidence or not, the Dark Hollow Band manages to be influenced by bands like the Dead, Bob Dylan, and Woodie Guthrie while still sounding original.