Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tim Pepper, "Beautiful Frustration"

Tim Pepper
Beautiful Frustration

Tim Pepper knows how to write. His intelligence and way with words shows not only on his latest album, Beautiful Frustration, but on his website and his personal blog. He calls himself quiet, saying he does more listening than talking. Maybe he should speak up more often; he clearly has a lot to say, and a smart, quirky way of doing so.

Astral Travellers, "The Truth Beyond"

Astral Travellers
The Truth Beyond

If the best music comes from outside the United States, and the classics influence the best musicians, then Astral Travellers are two for two. Their name, which they plucked from a Yes album, isn't the only evidence on their newest album The Truth Beyond of their wide range of influences. A mix tape made by one of the members must be baffling. Their list of bands they like ranges from Muse to Zeppelin and back around to Metallica.