Monday, February 1, 2010

Tiny Little Blackouts, "Idea Of Alice"

Tiny Little Blackouts
Idea Of Alice

Tiny Little Blackouts is what indie musicians often strive for and fail at, which has turned the genre into a cliché: delightful music with just the right amount of irony.

Soul Doctor, "Way Back To The Bone"

Soul Doctor
Way Back To The Bone

Soul Doctor was not what I was expecting – at all. With “soul” in the band name and an album called Way Back to the Bone, I was expecting the blues or folk, and when I put the album on, I was instead greeted by heavy rock, but I'm not complaining.

Martigan, "Vision"


Martigan both is and isn't your typical prog band. Upon first listen, it's hard to distinguish what sets them apart, but after pouring time into each track on their newest album, Vision, you begin to see what they do, and you can see that while they fit within their genre, they are stepping out of it, as well.