Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lily Holbrook, "Wicked Ways"

Lily Holbrook
Wicked Ways

Lily Holbrook's press release announces that she is the Real Deal – and while that may be a terribly cheesy thing to say about an artist, it's true. From her image and the art on her newest album, Wicked Ways, I was expecting a completely different sound and style, but Holbrook is a folk singer with a beautiful voice.

Suzi Ragsdale, "Best Regards/Less Of The Same"

Suzi Ragsdale
Best Regards/Less of the Same

Suzi Ragsdale has been in the recording studio her entire life, and considering that most of this time has been spent in Nashville, it's no wonder that her newest release (the double album) Best Regards and Less of the Same is an adorable country and folk album that makes the listener feel right at home.