Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Burned, "The Burned"

The Burned
The Burned

The great thing about The Burned (which is really just Kurt Baumann's name for his solo project) is that it sounds like music Zach Braff might pick for a movie soundtrack, but darker. It's got an original edge to it that makes it far more interesting than the dainty indie rock most of us are used to.

Scattergun, "Life at Fantasy Lounge"

Life at Fantasy Lounge

Americana is a weird genre – you can basically call any band from the United States with at least a little bit of twang involved “Americana”, from Elvis to Johnny Cash to Wilco.

The Town Pants, "Shore Leave"

The Town Pants
Shore Leave

The Town Pants aren't Irish – actually, they're Canadian – but they make great Celtic music and most of it's about drinking. Shore Leave is basically a collection of raucous drinking songs, but they're so catchy that even if you're a Teetotaler, you'll like it.