Monday, April 12, 2010

Brian Lindsay, "Esperanza"

Brian Lindsay

I 'm not entirely sure why Brian Lindsay's sophomore album is supposed to be the epitome of Americana but has the Spanish name Esperanza. Lindsay isn't the first artist to name an album this, but most of the others who have had at least a touch of Spanish in their heritage and music.

Chris Cagle, "Best of Chris Cagle"

Chris Cagle
Best Of Chris Cagle

I always feel kind of squirmy when a label announces that they're going to release a greatest hits album. I can't help but imagine the artist standing behind a business man at a press conference, rolling their eyes and sighing. It always feels like a shove out the door (Hilary Duff?) or a quick way to make money for an artist that's not as successful as the label hoped (Hilary Duff's second greatest hits album?).