Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nancy Tyler, "Let Go"

Nancy Tyler
Let Go

Nancy Tyler is a refreshing delight; her album Let Go is filled with smart lyrics, skillful guitar and mandolin picking, and her beautiful voice. Tyler is in her 50s and has been playing music since she was seven; her skills and wisdom are the lessons of a lifetime, and it shows.

Doug Howell, "Jimmy And Me"

Doug Howell
Jimmy & Me

Even if you don't know Jimmy Webb by name, you've probably heard some of his beautiful ballads. Webb is a timeless musician, captured on Jimmy & Me in the form of twelve cover songs performed by Doug Howell.

Skeletal Damage, "...A Headshot Is The Only Way"

Skeletal Damage
...A Headshot Is The Only Way

If you're a fan of the darkest kind of black metal, then you'll enjoy Skeletal Damage. They make pretty standard heavy rock, with vocals that are mostly noises, and drums that are a little too loud, but it fits the genre, and if it's something you seek, you'll like Skeletal Damage just as much as Eyehategod.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Di Evantile, "Transformations"

Di Evantile

Di Evantile has done a brave thing with Transformations – an instrumental album broken down into “episodes”, all of which is done with electronic instruments or classical instruments that have been put through some sort of electronic treatment, and not a spoken word through nine tracks.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Chance Of Fireballs, "A Chance Of Fireballs"

A Chance Of Fireballs
A Chance Of Fireballs

There's something about A Chance of Fireballs. Perhaps it's their college-aged vibe and the Hellogoodbye-esque cutesy graphics splashed on their album cover and website, or maybe it's their endearing YouTube videos obviously taped by a friend that still somehow manage to capture their charm. This is a band of young guys who enjoy what they're doing, and you'll enjoy listening to it.