Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Jimmy Bowskill Band, "Live"

The Jimmy Bowskill Band

Jimmy Bowskill is a talented musician, that's a fact. He's been compared to just about every blues guitarist you can name, and even tackles B.B. King on his band's latest release, Live, and does a pretty impressive job.

Herman Ze German, "Take It As It Comes"

Herman Ze German
Take It As It Comes

There's a lot to take in about Herman “Ze German” Rarebell's album Take It As It Comes before you even listen to it. There's the artwork for one, but deeper than that, there's the fact that the album was released outside the United States four years ago as I'm Back. I guess Herman is back again.

Howard Wiley & The Angola Project, "12 Gates To The City"

Howard Wiley & The Angola Project
12 Gates to the City

12 Gates to the City isn't just another jazz CD – it's a jazz CD with an intense message. Howard Wiley, a saxophonist and composer, has gathered together thirteen songs that express the lamentation of prisoners at Louisiana’s penitentiary, Angola.

Jason Ayres, "Chasing Ghosts"

Jason Ayres
Chasing Ghosts

There's something weird about the Adult Contemporary genre – you can picture your dad jamming out to and really identifying with the lyrics, but you can't help but love it yourself. It's a genre I like to call Dad-Rock, and it's this loveable charm that's made bands like Coldplay, Jimmy Eat World, and Kings of Leon so radio-friendly, and could easily do the same for Jason Ayres.