Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fortune 500, "Flavor Of The Year"

Fortune 500
Flavor Of The Year

One of my favorite things about Weezer has always been Rivers Cuomo's ability to rhyme, whether the words really fit the song or not (he manages to get “bitch” and “kids” to sound exactly the same on “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived”). The lyricist for Fortune 500 must be a huge Weezer fan, because he manages to spend most of Flavor of the Year rhyming for no reason.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Elisabeth Lohninger, "Songs Of Love And Destruction"

Elisabeth Lohninger
Songs Of Love And Destruction

Elisabeth Lohninger has a much deserved following in the jazz world, but even if you aren't big on the genre - you'll still enjoy her beautiful, soulful voice and wise words. Songs Of Love And Destruction isn't exactly a pick-me-up, but it is a stunning work of art that showcases Lohninger from start to finish.

Wax, "Melted"


There's something about re-releases and remastered albums that just makes my stomach churn. But even I have to admit that Melted, a release of twelve remastered live tracks played by Wax in 1971 and apparently lost until a few years ago, is a great listen and an important homage.