Friday, February 18, 2011

Forgotten Door, "Unlocked"

Forgotten Door

I knew from the first note of Forgotten Door's debut album, Unlocked, exactly what kind of music it was – straight to the point classic rock. The album's opener, “Masquerade” sounds like Zeppelin if the original members of Skynyrd were alive to cover a song or two. I mean that as a compliment, however – classic rock is nothing if it's not technically proficient.

Octoberbabies, "Octoberbabies"


There was a glorious time in music history, almost twenty years ago, when bands like Weezer were popular with the underground, college-aged kids – before the terms “emo” and “pop-rock” existed. But then Pavement broke up and Weezer stopped really trying and Fall Out Boy came out with the worst conundrum in radio music – catchy songs that you loathe. Maybe that's why I found Octoberbabies so ridiculously refreshing – it’s a blast from the past made recently.