Sunday, June 26, 2011

Proghma-C, "Bar-do Travel"

Bar-do Travel

I've never been a huge fan of progressive rock, but I have always been impressed by just how far bands in this genre will go to seem more progressive than the last. I guess Proghma-C didn't get the memo, because their latest release Bar-do Travel belongs in the genre sound-wise, but it's the opposite of progressive.

John McNeil and Bill McHenry, "Chill Morn He Climb Jenny"

John McNeil and Bill McHenry
Chill Morn He Climb Jenny

John McNeil and Bill McHenry team up for a second round of classic jazz covers on
Chill Morn He Climb Jenny, a jazz album that will make you dust off your copies of the originals and delight in comparing the two versions.

TyranGem, "Human Beings"

Human Beings

A few summers ago, I was a nanny for two kids obsessed with the Disney Channel. Rather than playing commercials, Disney plays interviews with their stars, and one they constantly played then was a group of their young actors and actresses singing about how great the world is and giving kids tips on going Green. That's pretty much how Human Beings, TryanGem's newest release, sounds – like a mess of people who don't know how to sing all singing at the same time.